Stuart Englert is a veteran newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and writer. He graduated from Indiana University’s School of Journalism in 1984 and worked on publications in Indiana, Idaho, and Tennessee before authoring his first book in 2015. Englert has published nine books, including six of his own titles: “Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History,” the “Paradox” novel trilogy, “Sold Out—How an American Magazine Lost Its Soul,” and “Sweat & Sawdust: The Life and Legacy of Victor J. Hedinger.

The largest financial fraud in history wasn’t Enron’s colossal accounting crimes, Bernie Madoff’s record-setting Ponzi scheme or the Libor scandal, in which some of the world’s biggest banks conspired to profit by manipulating interest rates. No, the largest financial fraud in history is one most Americans know little to nothing about. It isn’t mentioned by politicians, reported on the nightly news or discussed by coworkers during lunch break. The biggest fraud in history is a financial scheme perpetrated by the U.S. government and its banking accomplices. Over the last century, they’ve used coercion, deception and market manipulation to convince Americans the U.S. dollar is as good as gold and silver. 

In this conversation we discuss the manipulation of markets all round the world, the end of the dollar, the Ukraine war, and the ways in which CBDCs could be rolled out and introduced sooner than we think!

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