About Us

Welcome to The Jist – Explanations and Solutions.

News and media has become corrupted by click-bait, blame culture, and presenting opinions as news. Rather than providing an objective examination of the issues facing society today, we have become obsessed with pointing fingers and arguing about whether problems actually exist. Public dissatisfaction with the mainstream media in the UK is rife and people are starting to turn to independent media sources.

We want to provide a platform to discuss the facts of the issues that we face in society, explain complex concepts and policies in lay man’s terms, and educate the public about solutions to these issues. Innovation and technology will play a huge role in our society in the next few decades and so, naturally, it will feature as a large part of the content we produce.

We are dedicated to examining the problems that face the UK and highlighting solutions and innovations that could improve society as a whole. We have no political affiliations, and whilst we are avid supporters of several parties, we are here to present and explain policy ideas based on their potential impact and the facts upon which they are based – not to promote one single party.

We are here to provide a truly independent and impartial platform to help educate a public increasingly ready to reject mainstream media narratives and outlets. By creating an objective and open place for discussion we want to re-frame a media conversation that currently thrives on finger-pointing and sensationalism. We want to acknowledge the facts of the issue, whether it is political rhetoric, economic policy, social trend, or new technology, discuss what those facts mean, and discuss solutions to the problems we face as a society. It is time for us to divest from corporate media empires and their undeniable conflicts of interest and look to new and independent, objective media outlets who can be trusted to provide objective analysis and a fair discussion of ideas.