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Category: Crypto and Blockchain

Chatter #339 – Brandon Kochkodin: The Loony Conspiracy Theory Threatening Wall Street [Naked Shorts]

Brandon Kochkodin is my guest on this show to cover GameStop and Brandon’s claim that naked shorts don’t exist in the market. Brandon, a seasoned writer for Forbes, takes us on a journey through the GameStop Saga and its connection to the Wall Street Bets community. Moving beyond the headlines, the conversation delves…

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Chatter #336 – Butcher of Wall Street: SEC Charges Citadel For Marking Shorts As Long

Marcel Kalinovic, the Butcher of Wall Street, is back on the show to discuss the SEC charging Citadel for marking shorts as longs and has fined them $7 million. We also talked about the AMC dividend, the border crisis in America, and the US election! “The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced…

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Chatter #332 – Dave Lauer: GameStop, Gary Gensler, and Real Price Discovery

Dave Lauer was the guest on this episode of Chatter. Dave Lauer is a former Citadel employee and CEO of Urvin Finance. Urvin Finance is building The Terminal, a collaborative research platform for retail investors that provides professional quality data and tools, and educational resources. Dave is also the co-founder of Urvin AI…

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PayPal USD – Explained

The PayPal stablecoin is the first stablecoin to be issued by a major financial technology firm, and it could pave the way for other major companies to offer their own stablecoins. This could make cryptocurrency more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of people, and it could help to drive mainstream adoption…

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Chatter #330 – Peter McCormack on Bedford FC, Bitcoin, and the Death of Crypto

Peter McCormack is a British podcaster, filmmaker, and football club chairman. He is best known for hosting the What Bitcoin Did podcast, which has over 1.3 million monthly downloads. McCormack is also a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and has written extensively about the cryptocurrency. In 2021, McCormack purchased Real Bedford Football Club, a…

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Chatter #319 – Kevin Malone – Finance Is Broken: GameStop, Citadel & Ryan Cohen

Kevin Malone is the founder and CEO of Malone Wealth Management Group. The funds he managed were and remain one of the biggest GameStop holdings since before the Jan ’21 squeeze. We talked about naked short selling, how broken the market has become, the DRS campaign, blockchain stock markets and much, much more!…

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