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Chatter #344 – James Nuveen: How To Escape America, Pay Less Tax, and Explore The World

James Nuveen, a visionary writer who has captivated a global audience, embarked on a life-changing journey after a pivotal realization. Despite living comfortably in what many consider the best country in the world, James felt an undeniable call for something greater. In 2021, driven by this profound sense of purpose, he made the…

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The Automation Tool Every Podcaster Should Be Using

Being a podcaster can be incredibly frustrating. You have so much great content, but no time to tell the world about it. Thankfully, automation and AI are here to help! In this article I will walk you through one of the most powerful pieces of software I have ever seen. Content Repurposing Content…

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Chatter #343 – Scott Pollan: GameStop – Shorts, SWAPs, and the Slow Squeeze?

Scott Pollan is a GameStop enthusiast, economist in training, and former commodities trader. And WOW did Scott have some interesting things to say about the GameStop Saga, SWAPs, market manipulation, Citadel, and the trading halt! —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit: The…

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Chatter #342 – Joel Valenzuela on the Future of Crypto: Bitcoin Lightning Network Is Dead

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is dead and it’s time to look for other ways to exchange Bitcoin in a cheap, fast, and reliable way. Or so says Joel Valenzuela! Joel is a cryptocurrency and liberty advocate who tried going unbanked in 2015! It’s his second time on the podcast and it was really…

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Chatter #341 – Jeff Jarvis: What The Internet And The Printing Press Have In Common

Jeff Jarvis is an American journalist, associate professor, public speaker, and former television critic. He is the director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York and has been a vocal advocate for the Open Web and the importance of innovation in journalism. Jarvis is the author…

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Chatter #340 – Zachary Elwood on Polarisation: Is Hypocrisy Killing Democracy?

Zachary Elwood believes that polarisation and anger in politics is one of the most damaging things for the future of democracy. In this captivating discussion, we explore the role of social media in amplifying divisions, how Donald Trump’s candidacy impacted the political landscape, and the media’s significant influence on polarization dynamics. Polarisation has…

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