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Category: Economics

Chatter #333 – Dr Susanne Trimbath on the Financial Regulatory Crisis & The SEC

Dr Susanne Trimbath returns to the show to talk about the ever-worsening regulatory crisis that the US financial sector finds itself in! Dr Trimbath also discusses how we can fix many of the regulatory issues in the market. Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is the CEO of STP Advisory Services. Dr Trimbath holds a Ph.D….

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Chatter #332 – Dave Lauer: GameStop, Gary Gensler, and Real Price Discovery

Dave Lauer was the guest on this episode of Chatter. Dave Lauer is a former Citadel employee and CEO of Urvin Finance. Urvin Finance is building The Terminal, a collaborative research platform for retail investors that provides professional quality data and tools, and educational resources. Dave is also the co-founder of Urvin AI…

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Chatter #317 – Matt Kennard – Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist, co-founder of Declassified UK, and co-author of the brand new book Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy. Silent Coup is an investigative work by journalists Claire Provost and Matt Kennard, examining the rise of global corporate power amidst the decline of European empires in the 20th century….

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Chatter #308 – Ralph Schoellhammer: Europe Have Caused Their Own Energy Crisis

Ralph Schoellhammer is an assistant professor of International Relations at Webster Vienna Private University and host of the podcast, The 1020 (now also on YouTube). His main field of research is political theory and international relations, with a particular emphasis on how culture, values, and ideologies influence state behaviour. He has written and…

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Chatter #307 – Jeff Eder on Sovereign Money: “Inflation Is Not Caused By Government Spending”

Jeff Eder is a cofounder of Progressive Money Canada (PMC) and advocates for money creation for the public good by empowering the Bank of Canada with oversight from Parliament and the public. —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit:…

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Chatter #291 – Patrick Lovell on Wall Street & The Fed: It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Racketeering

Patrick Lovell started in Hollywood balancing working inside the machine while pursuing an Indy writing career. After a TV show he was working on collapsed in the wake of the 2008 financial crash, Patrick began to look deeper, eventually going on to produce The Con… In the gripping original five-part docu-series The Con,…

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