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Category: Brexit

Chatter #337 – Liz Webster: British Farmers Are Under Attack (Is Brexit Is To Blame?)

Liz Webster is head of Save British Farming, a campaign group advocating for farmers in Britain. Since Brexit, farmers in Britain have been under increasing financial and regulatory pressure. The government, who sold a vision of British farming being supported post-Brexit to bolster and expand their output have abandoned the farmers, undermining our…

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Chatter #334 – Dr Rakib Ehsan: What The Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities

Dr. Rakib Ehsan’s book “Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities” highlights the growing tensions between the liberal cosmopolitanism of the British political Left and the patriotic faith-based conservatism that runs deep in many of Britain’s ethnic-minority communities. Ehsan argues that Britain needs a robust civic patriotism that understands that…

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Chatter #310 – Christopher Snowdon: Wealth Inequality, Brexit & the Nanny State

Christopher John Snowdon is a British author and freelance journalist. He has written for Spiked magazine, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator among other publications. He is particularly known as a vocal opponent of government intervention in areas such as tobacco, alcohol and obesity. Snowdon is also Head of Lifestyle Economics at the…

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Chatter #285 – Marina Purkiss: Are Labour Really Better Than The Tories?

Marina Purkiss, a feisty political commentator, was my guest on today’s show. I first came across Marina seeing her appear on Jeremy Vine and thought she would be a fascinating guest to have on the show. In this discussion, we spent a lot of time discussing whether Labour and the Tories are just…

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#282 – Professor David Edgerton on the Rise and Fall of the British Nation

David Edgerton is a historian of science and technology and of twentieth-century Britain.  He teaches in the History Department at King’s College London, where he is Hans Rausing Professor of the History of Science and Technology and Professor of Modern British History and was the founding director of the Centre for the History…

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Chatter #260 – Steven Woolfe – Boris Gets Booed, War In Ukraine, and The Cost Of Immigration

Steven Woolfe is a former Member of the European Parliament and Director of the Centre for Migration & Economic Prosperity. Immigration can be a tricky topic to discuss, so bear with us, but Steven is making a solely economic argument against high levels of immigration to Britain. I had some contentions with his…

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