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Tag: should we reverse brexit

Chatter #321 – Jemma Forte: Starmer, Sunak and Is Brexit Really The Cause of Britain’s Problems?

Jemma Forte joins me to discuss Kier Starmer, the prospects for the Labour Party, the local elections, and how Labour and the Tories differ – if at all. We argued quite a lot about whether we can trust Starmer and whether Brexit is actually the source of our problems… Jemma is host of…

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Chatter #310 – Christopher Snowdon: Wealth Inequality, Brexit & the Nanny State

Christopher John Snowdon is a British author and freelance journalist. He has written for Spiked magazine, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator among other publications. He is particularly known as a vocal opponent of government intervention in areas such as tobacco, alcohol and obesity. Snowdon is also Head of Lifestyle Economics at the…

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