Chatter #65 – Thomas Copeland on Northern Irish Politics, Inter-generational Differences, and Giving Youth a Voice

Thomas Copeland, one of the founders of Challenges NI was our guest on today’s show. We had a fantastic, wide ranging conversation that included his Brexit debate with Eddie Izzard and Sammy Wilson, the Northern Irish identity, the intergenerational differences in our society, and much, much more. PRE ORDER BREXIT:THE ESTABLISHMENT CIVIL WAR HERE Get […]

Disaster Capitalism and Corona Virus

Disaster capitalism, vulture capitalism, crisis capitalism, misery profiteering, or just human greed. Every time we’re confronted with crisis in the modern world the vultures of corporate world are soon circling their next prey. In her seminal book, The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein plots the history of the 21st century as a struggle of populations against […]

MMT It’s Time To Face The Music

Over the past few decades and increasingly more so in recent years, there has been a new economic school of thought emerging on the left: Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT. The idea has been supported by Stephanie Kelton (a former advisor to Bernie Sanders) and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the US and John McDonnell in […]

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Pre-Order Brexit: The Establishment Civil War by Josh Hamilton Now!