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Category: UK

Chatter #337 – Liz Webster: British Farmers Are Under Attack (Is Brexit Is To Blame?)

Liz Webster is head of Save British Farming, a campaign group advocating for farmers in Britain. Since Brexit, farmers in Britain have been under increasing financial and regulatory pressure. The government, who sold a vision of British farming being supported post-Brexit to bolster and expand their output have abandoned the farmers, undermining our…

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Chatter #334 – Dr Rakib Ehsan: What The Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities

Dr. Rakib Ehsan’s book “Beyond Grievance: What the Left Gets Wrong About Ethnic Minorities” highlights the growing tensions between the liberal cosmopolitanism of the British political Left and the patriotic faith-based conservatism that runs deep in many of Britain’s ethnic-minority communities. Ehsan argues that Britain needs a robust civic patriotism that understands that…

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Labour and the Tories – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Labour will be no different than the Tories if they win the next election. This may sound like an absurd and provocative statement. I’ve been greeted with much pushback whenever I have brought this up with many people on the left (see below my interviews with Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte of The…

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Chatter #329 – Antony Loewenstein – The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports Surveillance Tech

The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World, is a groundbreaking book by independent journalist and best-selling author Antony Loewenstein. In this global investigation, Loewenstein uncovers the hidden world of Israel’s military-industrial complex and its use of the occupied Palestinian territories as a testing ground for surveillance technology…

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Chatter #328 – Darren McGarvey – The Social Distance Between Us: How Remote Politics Ruined Britain

Darren McGarvey, also known as Loki, is a Scottish rapper, author, and social commentator. Born and raised in Glasgow, McGarvey often discusses issues related to poverty, addiction, and social inequality in his work. He gained widespread recognition with his book “Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclass,” which won the Orwell Prize…

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Chatter #324 – Esther Krakue: How Important Is Religion To Society?

Esther Krakue returns to the show (as promised) to discuss religion, it’s role in society, traditional gender roles, and our lack of attention in society! Esther Krakue is a writer and broadcaster whose work has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and Spiked Online. Esther started her career as a…

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