Chatter #350 – Matt Kennard: The US Empire Declassified – CIA, Censorship, and Foreign Wars

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist and author renowned for his incisive reporting on global power structures. His career spans several influential years, predominantly during his tenure at the Financial Times, where his assignments took him across the United States—New York and Washington, D.C.—and around the globe, including Haiti, Bolivia, Turkey, and Palestine. Through his extensive on-ground investigations, Kennard uncovered a pervasive yet largely unspoken truth: the existence of a U.S. empire that subtly governs international affairs. Despite its significant influence, this concept remains conspicuously absent from mainstream media discourse, notably in esteemed publications like the Financial Times. Kennard’s work seeks to illuminate this invisible empire, challenging readers and audiences to recognize and confront the underlying dynamics shaping our world.

The Racket: A Rogue Reporter vs The American Empire –

00:00 – Introduction and Global Economic Dependency on US Dollar
05:42 – Matt Kennard’s Probing Journalism at Financial Times
11:16 – UK Political Landscape and Media Oversight
17:04 – Julian Assange’s Impact and WikiLeaks Revelations
21:35 – The British American Project and Hidden Political Agendas
26:48 – Media’s Role in Protecting Power vs. Exposing Truth
30:12 – Historical Comparisons of US as Empire
34:27 – Propaganda Systems and Public Indoctrination



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