Chatter #351 – Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson: GameStop, SEC Censorship, and Orthodox Christianity

Father Emmanuel Lemelson is a thoughtful and reflective leader with a deep understanding of Christian teachings regarding wealth and finance. Historically, Christians avoided the practice of usury, viewing it as contrary to their faith. However, Father Lemelson acknowledges that today’s Christians, across the spectrum, are involved in capital markets, both directly and indirectly. He contemplates the moral complexities of such involvement and reflects on the saying that the love of money is the root of all evil, expressing a need for discernment in these matters. His insights offer a bridge between traditional values and contemporary financial practices.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson is a Greek Orthodox priest, activist investor, and creator of The Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson Podcast, which reveals the darkest corners of government, Wall Street, and culture with commentary from an Orthodox Christian perspective.



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