Klaudia Fior is a 23 year-old journalist & PR/advertising MA graduate. She works for Bywire News, Britains only blockchain news network, aggregating the best independent news from across the UK. Klaudia writes about debate topics or topics that spark controversy. She was born in Poland and raised in South London. We covered everything from climate change and conspiracy theories to BLM and the debate about capitalism and corruption.







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0:00 Intro

8:48 Discussing economic equality and arguments against it.

19:35 What is Bywire News?

25:27 Discussing the fake news detector and censorship.

35:36 Discussing the police bill.

48:36 The compromise of BBC and mainstream press.

1:04:19 How “fact check” and lazy journalism has been destructive.

1:10:26 Discussing the opportunities for abuse of the vaccine passport.

1:17:19 Comparing Boris Johnson and Donald Trump’s entertainment/meme factor.

1:25:32 Discussing Corbyn as a man of the people.

1:30:57 Realizing how untruthful the mainstream press is.

1:43:42 Final Words