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Tag: Climate Change

Chatter #293 – Ivor Cummins on Covid Censorship, Climate Change, and Fighting “The Narrative”

Ivor Cummins was one of the loudest, most credible voices that spoke out against the policies implemented to curb the spread of covid. As a result of his evidential based approach he was vilified and censored, to the point where he was accused of being responsible for the death of a DUP councilor,…

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Chatter #227 – Klaudia Fior on Establishment Collapse: Boris, Prince Andrew and Partygate

Is the establishment collapsing? With Boris and Prince Andrew coming under major scrutiny after Partygate, I wanted to talk about whether the establishment might be on their last legs. The real question is will they suffer consequences! Back for round two is Klaudia Fior. Klaudia is a 23 year-old journalist & PR/advertising MA…

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Chatter #209 – Simon Youel On Positive Money, Inflation, and Quantitative Easing

Have you ever wondered how a government budget works? How borrowing works? Whether the magic money tree really exists? Positive Money are a group hoping to educate people on how a sovereign government has the ability to create and spend money. Simon Youel is Head of Policy & Advocacy at Positive Money, a…

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Chatter #179 – Klaudia Fior On Bywire News, Reimagining Britain, And The End Of The World

Klaudia Fior is a 23 year-old journalist & PR/advertising MA graduate. She works for Bywire News, Britains only blockchain news network, aggregating the best independent news from across the UK. Klaudia writes about debate topics or topics that spark controversy. She was born in Poland and raised in South London. We covered everything…

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Chatter #127 – Mat Hope On Tufton Street, Think Tanks, Brexit and Climate Deniers

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Mat Hope, the editor at DeSmogUK, a UK based climate/environmental news site producing some of the best investigative journalism surround Brexit and climate change in the UK. Mat and I chatted with his colleague Chloe Farand on the climate denial lobby and their pushing of a hard…

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Chatter #120 – Rupert Read on Parents For A Future and Extinction Rebellion

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! – Rupert Read, a former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and author of the wonderful book, Parents For A Future, was my guest on this episode of Chatter. We got into a lot of different topics including his reason for writing the latest book, individual vs collective…

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