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Chatter #127 – Mat Hope On Tufton Street, Think Tanks, Brexit and Climate Deniers

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Mat Hope, the editor at DeSmogUK, a UK based climate/environmental news site producing some of the best investigative journalism surround Brexit and climate change in the UK. Mat and I chatted with his colleague Chloe Farand on the climate denial lobby and their pushing of a hard…

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Chatter Episode 48 – Luke Watson on Brexit Negotiations, Chequers, and Planning for ‘No Deal’

Luke Watson, a Research Executive at Get Britain Out, was the guest on today’s show. We wanted to discuss the current state of the Brexit negotiations with someone inside the Brexit campaign and Luke certainly gave us an excellent insight. We are aware that sometimes we tend to interview people who have a…

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Chatter Episode 47 – Mat Hope and Chloe Farand on the Climate Denial Lobby and a Hard Brexit

Mat and Chloe Farand from DeSmog Uk were our guests on today’s show. They have been doing some incredible reporting on the links between the US climate denial lobby and the web of pro-Brexit think tanks like the IEA and the Tax Payers Alliance. We had a really interesting chat about the reporting…

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Chatter Episode 44 – Julian Jessop on What We Are Missing in Discussions About a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Cheif Economist at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), Julian Jessop, was our guest on today’s show. The IEA have been at the centre of controversy over their proposals for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, where people have accused them of being too positive with their analysis of Britain’s prospects if we fail to…

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The Northern Ireland Stalemate

You may recall, almost a year ago, we published a piece entitled “We Need To Be Honest About The Irish Border“. In it we argued that the deliberate ambiguity over everything Brexit was leaving Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a stalemate that could not be resolved until people were honest about their…

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Northern Ireland Could Remain, So Why Is This Being Ignored?

When the pro-Brexit government’s own economic impact assessments suggest that in every single scenario post-Brexit will leave the UK worse off, how is that we still plough blindly forwards? When one of the central reasons for the vote was immigration control, why did we refuse to consider immigration reform? Within the EU we…

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