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Tag: Sinn Fein

Vaccine Passports: Just Because Something Is Easy Doesn’t Make It Right

The entire process through which vaccine passports have been implemented has been an absolute shambles. In this article I want to lay out: The process by which it has been approved. What the different parties have had to say about it. Why I believe it is morally, scientifically, and fundamentally wrong.  The Process:…

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Chatter #62 – Gerry Carroll on Socialism, Student Activism, and Stealing Seats From Sinn Fein

In this episode we have got a champion of socialist politics, a man crazy enough to steal seats from Sinn Fein in West Belfast and the Stormont canteen: People Before Profit MLA, Gerry Carroll. We get into everything from student activism and the climate strikes to the threat of People Before Profit and…

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Chatter Episode 45 – Elaine Crory on #WeDeserveBetter and Alliance For Choice

Elaine Crory from Alliance for Choice was our guest on today’s show. She was asked by Progressive Politics Northern Ireland to be a speaker at the Belfast ‘We Deserve Better’ rally, but was asked to pull out amidst controversy surrounding what was described as ‘divisive issues’. We wanted to talk to Elaine to…

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The Northern Ireland Stalemate

You may recall, almost a year ago, we published a piece entitled “We Need To Be Honest About The Irish Border“. In it we argued that the deliberate ambiguity over everything Brexit was leaving Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a stalemate that could not be resolved until people were honest about their…

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Chatter Episode 22 – Richard Barbrook On Digital Democracy and The Labour Party

Richard Barbrook was our guest on today’s show. He is about to begin some work with the Labour party on digital democracy and large-scale, crowd-sourced policy making. We chatted all about digital democracy, the Labour party, the general election, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, and much more! Resources Music…

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Chatter Episode 21 – Brendan Harkin and Nathan Stewart On The Future Of Northern Irish Politics

Brendan Harkin and Nathan Stewart of Fly By Those Nets were our joint guests on today’s show. Fly By Those Nets is a Northern Irish politics commentary, analysis, and opinion site founded by Nathan and Brendan as a way to build a platform for activism. We spent our time discussing Northern Irish politics,…

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