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#277 – David Miller – Fired By Bristol University: The Weaponisation of Anti-Semitism

David Miller, former professor at the University of Bristol, writer, researcher, founder of and the producer of Palestine Declassified on Press.TV was my guest on this episode of Chatter. We spoke about why David was fired by the University, his court case against them, Islamophobia, the weaponisation of anti-semitism, the effectiveness of…

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Chatter #116 – Emma Knaggs on Why We Need To Reform Our Electoral System

Emma Knaggs, the grassroots leader at Make Votes Matter was my guest on today’s show. Make Votes Matter are a single issue campaign for the reform of the UK voting system into a more proportional and representative one. They are a cross party group working to get more and more MPs on board…

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Chatter #80 – Ruaidhri O’Donnell on Life Inside Corbyn’s Labour Party

Ruaidhri O’Donnell, the former Labour staffer and head of the 2019 battle bus, was my guest on today’s show. I first met Ruaidhri when we were briefly working in the same restaurant in Belfast when I was at Queen’s University. Since then he has gone on to work for Open Europe and then…

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59 Times Jeremy Corbyn Condemned Anti-Semetism, Sexism, Homophobia, and More

Jeremy Corbyn is not perfect, he is not the messianic leader of an all powerful cult. He is just a principled man. He is not an anti-semite. Since he appointed Jennie Formby as General Secretary, “the rate at which antisemitism cases have been dealt with, increased fourfold.” and Jewish Voice for Labour has…

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Chatter Episode 46 – Andrew Lewin on Making the Case For Labour to Support a People’s Vote

Andrew Lewin, the head of Labour Remain, was our guest on today’s show. He has been campaigning to ensure that there will be a meaningful debate on the Labour Party Brexit policy at this summer’s Labour Party conference. We had a great conversation about the possibility that there could be a ‘People’s Vote’…

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Chatter Episode 22 – Richard Barbrook On Digital Democracy and The Labour Party

Richard Barbrook was our guest on today’s show. He is about to begin some work with the Labour party on digital democracy and large-scale, crowd-sourced policy making. We chatted all about digital democracy, the Labour party, the general election, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, and much more! Resources Music…

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