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Tag: Corbyn

Chatter #80 – Ruaidhri O’Donnell on Life Inside Corbyn’s Labour Party

Ruaidhri O’Donnell, the former Labour staffer and head of the 2019 battle bus, was my guest on today’s show. I first met Ruaidhri when we were briefly working in the same restaurant in Belfast when I was at Queen’s University. Since then he has gone on to work for Open Europe and then…

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Chatter #55 – Ryan Hoey on How Coronavirus Vindicates Austerity

Ryan Hoey, a politics student at Queen’s University Belfast. I got in touch with Ryan after he wrote a piece for entitled “Coronavirus Vindicates Austerity”. I was curious to explore the arguments he laid out in his piece, especially given the noise coming from the left about how the spending commitments made…

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59 Times Jeremy Corbyn Condemned Anti-Semetism, Sexism, Homophobia, and More

Jeremy Corbyn is not perfect, he is not the messianic leader of an all powerful cult. He is just a principled man. He is not an anti-semite. Since he appointed Jennie Formby as General Secretary, “the rate at which antisemitism cases have been dealt with, increased fourfold.” and Jewish Voice for Labour has…

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Northern Ireland Could Remain, So Why Is This Being Ignored?

When the pro-Brexit government’s own economic impact assessments suggest that in every single scenario post-Brexit will leave the UK worse off, how is that we still plough blindly forwards? When one of the central reasons for the vote was immigration control, why did we refuse to consider immigration reform? Within the EU we…

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Maybe The Media Expected More From Labour

In the wake of the 2018 local election results, the general consensus amongst the mainstream press as that no-one had really won the local elections. The BBC reported Labour being pleased despite not making major gains, declaring that there was “no clear winner”, there has been a lot of discussion on Twitter and…

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Chatter Episode 27 – Annabel Mullin on Advance and Reforming The UK Political System

Annabel Mullin of Advance was our guest on today’s show. Advance is a brand new political party formed out of the ashes of the Grenfell disaster that will attempt to show people that there is another way, that politicians need not be corrupt and incompetent and that government (local and national) can work…

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