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Tag: Austerity

Chatter #288 – Dan Tubb on The Three Paths Fowards: Tax Rises, Austerity, Or A Technological Miracle

Dan Tubb is a former Venture Capitalist focused on Emerging Technologies & Digital Trends. Now he mines Bitcoin & podcasts about the end of the financial system. In this episode, Dan explained to me his terrifying hypothesis about what the future of the world of finance faces. The British economy faces three prospects,…

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So, How Do We Pay For All This?

Since the UK went into lockdown, the UK economy shrank by almost 6%, the chancellor has announced tens of billions in public spending to prop up businesses, and we are currently losing an estimated £2.4 billion everyday in economic activity. This isn’t a UK based phenomenon, almost every major government in every major…

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Chatter #55 – Ryan Hoey on How Coronavirus Vindicates Austerity

Ryan Hoey, a politics student at Queen’s University Belfast. I got in touch with Ryan after he wrote a piece for entitled “Coronavirus Vindicates Austerity”. I was curious to explore the arguments he laid out in his piece, especially given the noise coming from the left about how the spending commitments made…

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Cuts to Addiction Services In The UK

In this guest blog post, we feature a guest post by Paul Harrold. Paul is an addiction worker at an alcohol rehab in London known as Cassiobury Court. Paul’s infographic is titled “cuts to addiction services in England and Wales since 2012”.  The infographic discusses Government cuts to addiction services since 2012. Addiction…

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Fact Check: There Is No New Money Being Spent On Education

The government announced that there would be a shake-up in education funding, with an extra £1.3 billion over the next three years. The move seems to be to quell anti-austerity sentiments within the party and to address public concerns over a lack of funding for public services. In a statement on their website…

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Post Election Conservative U-Turns Are A Sign Of A Functioning Democracy

The Conservatives have been widely criticised for the numerous apparent U-turns that they have made since the election. They have seen their policy shifting from within as a result of both the DUP coalition and public pressure. During the campaign, the Conservatives and Theresa May were targeted by members of the press for…

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