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Tag: Public Sector Pay Cap

Proposed Budget Cuts To The Northern Ireland Health Service

Last week, we attended the public consultation in Newtownabbey on the proposed £13 million cuts to the Antrim Trust (and £70 million across the whole of Northern Ireland) to try and understand what the Department of Health is proposing with these cuts and how they plan to justify them and explain the need…

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Cabinet Collective Responsibility Is Dissolving

Cabinet Collective Responsibility is the idea that government ministers all publicly support whatever decisions are made by the cabinet, it provides a united front and paints the image of a strong and stable government – one without internal factions and rivalries. Whatever your personal objections you are expected as a Cabinet minister to…

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Post Election Conservative U-Turns Are A Sign Of A Functioning Democracy

The Conservatives have been widely criticised for the numerous apparent U-turns that they have made since the election. They have seen their policy shifting from within as a result of both the DUP coalition and public pressure. During the campaign, the Conservatives and Theresa May were targeted by members of the press for…

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