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Labour and the Tories – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Labour will be no different than the Tories if they win the next election. This may sound like an absurd and provocative statement. I’ve been greeted with much pushback whenever I have brought this up with many people on the left (see below my interviews with Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte of The…

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Chatter #235 – Mark E. Thomas on Corruption, Oligarchy, and the NHS Health And Social Care Bill

I think I mention the work of Mark E. Thomas on this show almost as much as I reference Naomi Klein and The Shock Doctrine, so it was a pleasure to have Mark back on the show. In this episode we talked through the privatisation of the NHS, the implications of the Health…

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Chatter #189 – Calvin Robinson On Vaccine Passports, Critical Race Theory, And Politics In 2021

Calvin Robinson is a British conservative political commentator, policy advisor and campaigner who is a senior fellow at Policy Exchange. Robinson is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and regularly appears on Talk Radio and GB News.  Resources HELP ME CROWDFUND MY GAMESTOP BOOK. Go…

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NHS Inc? What The Health & Care Bill Means

This article was originally posted to At the time of writing (15 July 2021), the Health & Care Bill has just received its second reading in the Commons. The government claims that the Integrated Care System created by Bill will fix the country’s health and care problems and should be welcomed by all sides….

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Chatter #131 – Andrew Godsell on Whether NHS Privatisation Is A Real Threat

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Andrew Godsell, author and NHS campaigner was my guest on today’s show. Andrew is author of numerous books including, Get The Tories Out, British History, and Europe United. We talked about his time campaigning to save the NHS, why and how the NHS is privatised, and if…

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This Is Only The Start Of NHS Privatisation

In the UK this weekend, a concerned 61 year old woman was arrested and slapped with a £10,000 fine after arranging a protest in opposition to the measly 1% pay rise being proposed for nurses by the government. It’s a scene that would have drawn outrage in the Britain of 2019, but we…

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