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Category: Thoughts and Analysis

The Ivermectin Story: Why Censorship Can Be Deadly

***This is not medical advice. Medical decisions should be made by the patient’s physician. I want to address the problems with censorship.***  There was a PHD of evolutionary biology, who in April of 2020, was calmly saying that the genome of covid-19 looked suspiciously like it had been modified or engineered in a…

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“Social media will see the biggest transformation via blockchain technology” – Kai Morris

This is a part of our thought leadership series on the future of money, cryptocurrency, and finance. Kai Morris is a technical copywriter from Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), focusing on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, AI, and ethics. His interest in these industries arose from my academic studies (Law & Philosophy), where he learned how much…

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Profit Over Principles: Social Media Companies Are Destroying Democracy

Kyle Taylor is the author of The Little Black Book of Data and Democracy and founder of Fair Vote UK. Fair Vote UK was set up to tackle the issue of data misuse, voter manipulation and lack of transparency in elections head-on. We are committed to ensuring the institutions that protect our democratic…

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“It is still vital that media organisations maintain a gold standard of training” – Dr Yvonne Ridley

As part of a new series on how technology is changing journalism, we’re asking journalists young and old how they think the industry is evolving. Journalist Yvonne Ridley worked in her native North East in the 1970s before heading to Fleet Street and on to broadcast journalism working in conflict and humanitarian disaster…

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The Joke Market: DogeCoin, GameStop, And Investing Gone Viral

We’ve all been a little bored at times through the eb and flow of lockdowns, curfews, and quarantines that have dominated the past year of our lives. Over the past five or ten years, the madness of the world has seemed to accelerate faster and faster. The modern world was becoming so vastly…

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Tendies For All: What The Media Are Missing About The GameStop Saga

It’s More Than Just Memes And Bad Jokes “If Wall Street is occupying President Obama’s State Department and the halls of Congress, it’s time for the people to occupy Wall Street.” – Phil Aroneanu, The GameStop saga, I believe, will come to be not only a wonderful Netflix original film (as long…

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