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Labour and the Tories – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Labour will be no different than the Tories if they win the next election. This may sound like an absurd and provocative statement. I’ve been greeted with much pushback whenever I have brought this up with many people on the left (see below my interviews with Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte of The…

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Chatter #285 – Marina Purkiss: Are Labour Really Better Than The Tories?

Marina Purkiss, a feisty political commentator, was my guest on today’s show. I first came across Marina seeing her appear on Jeremy Vine and thought she would be a fascinating guest to have on the show. In this discussion, we spent a lot of time discussing whether Labour and the Tories are just…

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Chatter #165 – Alex Mays on The Breakthrough Party and Breaking The Two Party System

The Breakthrough Party launched in January 2021. It was founded by Alex Mays. He grew up in Brighton but now lives in Manchester. Mays was previously a chef, but in 2015 he retrained as a journalist. He now works as head of creative at a social media company. It was his retraining which…

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Chatter #80 – Ruaidhri O’Donnell on Life Inside Corbyn’s Labour Party

Ruaidhri O’Donnell, the former Labour staffer and head of the 2019 battle bus, was my guest on today’s show. I first met Ruaidhri when we were briefly working in the same restaurant in Belfast when I was at Queen’s University. Since then he has gone on to work for Open Europe and then…

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Chatter Episode 46 – Andrew Lewin on Making the Case For Labour to Support a People’s Vote

Andrew Lewin, the head of Labour Remain, was our guest on today’s show. He has been campaigning to ensure that there will be a meaningful debate on the Labour Party Brexit policy at this summer’s Labour Party conference. We had a great conversation about the possibility that there could be a ‘People’s Vote’…

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Free Public Transport For Under 25s Could Transform A Generation

Last year we had a conversation with Northern Irish MLA Kelly Armstrong about her attempts to breathe new life into public transport in Northern Ireland. The main issue was and remains that using the bus or train isn’t seen as the natural option for anyone with access to a car. Public transport is…

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