Marina Purkiss, a feisty political commentator, was my guest on today’s show. I first came across Marina seeing her appear on Jeremy Vine and thought she would be a fascinating guest to have on the show. In this discussion, we spent a lot of time discussing whether Labour and the Tories are just two sides of the same coin, whether we need to abandon both parties in order to allow something new to flourish, and if Kier Starmer and the Labour party will actually fix any of the problems we are facing as a country. It was a really interesting debate in which we agree on a lot but draw different conclusions on how we should move forwards and act!


0:00 – Intro

1:25 – Waking up to politics/Brexit

5:56 – Incompetence of current crop of politicians

9:24 – Can Kier Starmer’s Labour do a better job?/Are Labour as bad as the tories

20:39 – Jeremy Corbyn and the politically homeless

26:28 – Would we vote to go back into the EU?

39:35 – Gap between voters and politicians – What Brexit meant

49:02 – Is being right-wing a bad thing?

1:01:38 – How manipulated & controlled is British politics?/55 Tufton Street

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