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Tag: Fact Check

Chatter Episode 49 – Femi on Brexiteers, Post Policy Politics, and the Toxicity of the Brexit Debate

Femi was our guest on this episode of Chatter. The Law graduate turned Twitter star and Our Future Our Choice campaigner has had more opportunity than most journalists to talk to Brexiteers in parliament, in the media, and on the streets around the country. I was keen to get an insight into his…

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Fact Check: There Is No New Money Being Spent On Education

The government announced that there would be a shake-up in education funding, with an extra £1.3 billion over the next three years. The move seems to be to quell anti-austerity sentiments within the party and to address public concerns over a lack of funding for public services. In a statement on their website…

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Fact Check: John McDonnell Is Not Back Tracking On Student Debt

John McDonnell has been accused of back-tracking on Labour’s position on wiping existing student debt following an interview on the Andrew Marr show. McDonnell acknowledged that the bill could be up to £100 billion – a report last month found that student debt had rocketed to £100.5 billion – and stated that, “What we’ll…

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