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Chatter #307 – Jeff Eder on Sovereign Money: “Inflation Is Not Caused By Government Spending”

Jeff Eder is a cofounder of Progressive Money Canada (PMC) and advocates for money creation for the public good by empowering the Bank of Canada with oversight from Parliament and the public. —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit:…

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Chatter #305 – Susan Standfield – Covid and the Money Printer: “They’ve Stolen All The Money”

Susan Standfield is an author, businesswoman, and activist who has worked all around the world. On April 12 2020 she started the NO MORE LOCKDOWNS marches in Vancouver and designed t-shirts to replace the income her family lost due to covid restrictions. In this episode we discussed her book, Betrayed (about the betrayal…

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Chatter #210 – Prof John Turner and Dr William Quinn – Boom and Bust: A History of Financial Bubbles

Professor John Turner and Dr William Quinn of Queen’s University Belfast were my guests on today’s show. They are the authors of the recent book, Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles, which has been critically acclaimed by the Wall Street Journal, The Times Literary Supplement, and the Irish Times, and…

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MMT It’s Time To Face The Music

Over the past few decades and increasingly more so in recent years, there has been a new economic school of thought emerging on the left: Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT. The idea has been supported by Stephanie Kelton (a former advisor to Bernie Sanders) and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the US and John…

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Fact Check: John McDonnell Is Not Back Tracking On Student Debt

John McDonnell has been accused of back-tracking on Labour’s position on wiping existing student debt following an interview on the Andrew Marr show. McDonnell acknowledged that the bill could be up to £100 billion – a report last month found that student debt had rocketed to £100.5 billion – and stated that, “What we’ll…

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