Susan Standfield is an author, businesswoman, and activist who has worked all around the world. On April 12 2020 she started the NO MORE LOCKDOWNS marches in Vancouver and designed t-shirts to replace the income her family lost due to covid restrictions.

In this episode we discussed her book, Betrayed (about the betrayal of natural health in Canada), BRICS and their proposed new digital payment system, central banks, and why she believes covid was used to cover up how broken the financial system really is.


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0:00 – Intro & ads
2:35 – Susan’s background
8:30 – How was the system collapsing in 2019?
17:19 – BRICS new digital payment system
28:58 – Central banks
36:10 – Working class vs Middle class differences during covid
46:03 – African Public Health Industry
52:22 – Corporate/government fusion