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Tag: financial crash

Chatter #305 – Susan Standfield – Covid and the Money Printer: “They’ve Stolen All The Money”

Susan Standfield is an author, businesswoman, and activist who has worked all around the world. On April 12 2020 she started the NO MORE LOCKDOWNS marches in Vancouver and designed t-shirts to replace the income her family lost due to covid restrictions. In this episode we discussed her book, Betrayed (about the betrayal…

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Chatter #288 – Dan Tubb on The Three Paths Fowards: Tax Rises, Austerity, Or A Technological Miracle

Dan Tubb is a former Venture Capitalist focused on Emerging Technologies & Digital Trends. Now he mines Bitcoin & podcasts about the end of the financial system. In this episode, Dan explained to me his terrifying hypothesis about what the future of the world of finance faces. The British economy faces three prospects,…

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Chatter #268 – Dr Michael Nevradakis: Simulating Global Financial Collapse, WEF, and Greece vs IMF

Dr Michael Nevradakis is a Greek academic, writer, researcher, and radio/podcast producer. He completed his PhD in Media Studies at The University of Texas in 2018 and has been a Fulbright and Erasmus scholar.  In this conversation we cover the recent war games run to simulate a global financial collapse, the WEF, depopulation,…

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