John Sweeney is an old school writer and reporter. He remained in the Ukrainian capital throughout the Battle of Kyiv and his latest book, Killer In The Kremlin, paints Vladimir Putin as “the monster he is”. Sweeney’s philosophy is: ‘I poke crocodiles, if crocodiles they be, in the eye with a stick.’

He’s helped free seven people falsely accused of killing babies, starting with Sally Clark, reported on wars, revolutions and trouble around the world, gone undercover to Zimbabwe, Chechnya, twice, and North Korea. He upset Donald Trump by asking him about his links with the mob – Trump walked out on him – and upset Vladimir Putin by asking him about Russia’s role in the shooting down of MH17. But he is probably best known for shouting at the Church of Scientology.

In this episode we discussed the feeling on the ground in Ukraine and the relationship between Boris Johnson and Evgeny Lebedev (owner of The Independent and the London Evening Standard).


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