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Tag: Arlene Foster

Chatter #59 – Sam McBride on Burned and the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) Scandal

Sam McBride, the political editor of the Newsletter and author of the book, Burned, was our guest on today’s show. Burned tells the story of Northern Ireland’s “cash for ash” Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scandal. It’s a fantastic piece of journalism that helps you to understand some of the major issues within the…

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Chatter Episode 45 – Elaine Crory on #WeDeserveBetter and Alliance For Choice

Elaine Crory from Alliance for Choice was our guest on today’s show. She was asked by Progressive Politics Northern Ireland to be a speaker at the Belfast ‘We Deserve Better’ rally, but was asked to pull out amidst controversy surrounding what was described as ‘divisive issues’. We wanted to talk to Elaine to…

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Chatter Episode 32 – Jamie Pow on Northern Slant and a Citizens Assembly For Northern Ireland

Jamie Pow, editor of Northern Slant, was our guest on today’s show. Jamie works as a researcher at Queen’s University Belfast and has been looking at ways in which Northern Ireland could use a Citizens’ Assembly to move forward with political issues that politicians seem unable to solve. We talked all about the way in…

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Chatter Episode 31 – Tatton Spiller On Brexit, The Motivations of Politicians, and Simple Politics

Tatton Spiller of Simple Politics was our guest on today’s show. Tatton is a former teacher, who also spent time working in Parliament. He founded Simple Politics to help people who were interested in politics (but maybe didn’t understand what was going on) to get a grounding on the issues of the day….

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We Need To Be Honest About The Irish Border

This is not something that can be trivialised. This is not something we can dismiss and sort out at the last minute. This is not something that you can lie about and hope no one will notice. This is a fiery, divisive, potentially violence inviting problem that the UK government (and all other…

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Is Theresa May Gambling By Starting Brexit Negotiations Before Her Queen’s Speech Passes?

Michael Barnier and David Davis led the preliminary Brexit talks that started this morning and have already given in on one of their main negotiating demands; that the divorce agreement and the relationship post-Brexit should be negotiated simultaneously. Given that the EU is a massive 27 country bloc, it seems only natural that…

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