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Tag: Northern Ireland politics

Chatter #101 – Mel Corry on Trademark Belfast and Promoting Anti-Sectarian Dialogue

Mel Corry from Trademark Belfast was my guest on today’s show. Mel is a self-described retired hell raiser, banjo player and Communist. His work with Trademark is focused on going into workplaces and confronting our Northern Irish habit of employing a trifecta of politeness, avoidance, and denial to stop us confronting our sectarian…

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Chatter #65 – Thomas Copeland on Northern Irish Politics, Inter-generational Differences, and Giving Youth a Voice

Thomas Copeland, one of the founders of Challenges NI was our guest on today’s show. We had a fantastic, wide ranging conversation that included his Brexit debate with Eddie Izzard and Sammy Wilson, the Northern Irish identity, the intergenerational differences in our society, and much, much more. PRE ORDER BREXIT:THE ESTABLISHMENT CIVIL WAR…

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Chatter Episode 51 – Doire Finn and Aŕon Hughes on Our Future Our Choice and Misunderstanding the Irish Border

Doire Finn and Aŕon Hughes from Our Future Our Choice Northern Ireland were our guests on today’s show. We discussed their experience campaigning as a part of OFOC NI, how British politicians understand (or fail to understand) the Irish border, the possibility of a border poll, and where they think we are heading….

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Chatter Episode 45 – Elaine Crory on #WeDeserveBetter and Alliance For Choice

Elaine Crory from Alliance for Choice was our guest on today’s show. She was asked by Progressive Politics Northern Ireland to be a speaker at the Belfast ‘We Deserve Better’ rally, but was asked to pull out amidst controversy surrounding what was described as ‘divisive issues’. We wanted to talk to Elaine to…

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The Northern Ireland Stalemate

You may recall, almost a year ago, we published a piece entitled “We Need To Be Honest About The Irish Border“. In it we argued that the deliberate ambiguity over everything Brexit was leaving Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a stalemate that could not be resolved until people were honest about their…

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Chatter Episode 36 – Claire Hanna on Brexit and the Breakdown of Stormont

SDLP MLA Claire Hanna was our guest on the show today. We spoke all about the breakdown of government at Stomont, the attempts to get it running again, as well the Brexit debate and the Irish border quesiton. Resources Music by Just Jim – If you enjoyed what you…

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