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Tag: Renewable Energy

Chatter #193 – Timothy E. Lee On AI, Self Driving Cars, and The Future Of Transport

Timothy B. Lee is a reporter who has written about technology, economics, and public policy for more than a decade. He joined the Washington Post in 2013 to lead a team covering tech policy. The next year he left the Post along with Ezra Klein and several other Post staffers to launch….

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Chatter #59 – Sam McBride on Burned and the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) Scandal

Sam McBride, the political editor of the Newsletter and author of the book, Burned, was our guest on today’s show. Burned tells the story of Northern Ireland’s “cash for ash” Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scandal. It’s a fantastic piece of journalism that helps you to understand some of the major issues within the…

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Chatter Episode 39 – Steven Agnew on Growing the Green Party and the Irish Border

Steven Agnew, the leader of the Green Party Northern Ireland was our guest on this show. He had plenty to say on the breakdown of government at Stormont, the Brexit negotiations, as well as the success and future of the Greens in Northern Ireland and the UK. We also got into some weedsy…

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UK Green Investment Bank Sold To A Scandal Ridden Australian Bank

The UK Government finalised a deal last week to sell off the Green Investment Bank (GIB) to a consortium led by Australian bank, Macquarie – often called the millionaire factory because of their generous bonus and commission system. Macquarie have been involved in countless scandals regarding work practices, conflicts of interest, and purported…

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Why It’s The Perfect Time For A Carbon Tax In The UK

In 2010, David Cameron promised that his government was going to be the greenest government ever. Yet, since then, the Conservatives have pushed back on numerous environmental measures, including removing the subsidies for solar panel installation and putting a hold on all onshore wind-farm construction. The UK Government has committed to reducing UK…

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