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Tag: Science

Chatter #233 – Mark Solms – The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the strangest parts of our universe. It’s a mind-bogglingly complicated and difficult topic to discuss seriously and almost impossible to measure, let alone define. Where on earth does consciousness come from? However, luckily for us Mark Solms amazing new book, The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of…

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Chatter #199 – Professor Paul Frijters: Lockdowns, Science, And The Great Covid Panic

A lot of the discussion about an inquiry into the covid response has been, in my view, poorly framed. There are massive lessons to be learned from this pandemic, but I believe that a huge segment of this is being ignored – what the cost of lockdowns will be and has already been….

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Progress: The View From Outer Space

This article was originally posted on We have all had the experience of being so deeply immersed in something that we could not see the wood for the trees. And there is nothing we are so deeply immersed in as our own lives. So it is worth a little thought experiment: imagine that…

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Chatter Episode 23 – Francesca Lake On Open Access Journals and The Future of Scientific Research

Francesca Lake of Future Science Group was the guest on today’s show. She is the editor of their biomedical open access journal and was keen to talk to us about Open Access week that is taking place around the world this week! Open Access is the idea that all scientific journals should be…

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Why It’s The Perfect Time For A Carbon Tax In The UK

In 2010, David Cameron promised that his government was going to be the greenest government ever. Yet, since then, the Conservatives have pushed back on numerous environmental measures, including removing the subsidies for solar panel installation and putting a hold on all onshore wind-farm construction. The UK Government has committed to reducing UK…

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