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Category: Dejargonisation

Chatter #190 – John Coffey On Philanthrocapitalism, PFOF, Retail Investors, And The Approaching Crash

John Coffey worked at BNB Paribas for 30 years, retiring as head of trading at the age of 52. He led a team of Traders & Sales Professionals who managed the bank’s liquidity & capital resources, trading FX, Bonds & Derivatives and selling related products & hedging solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and…

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Progress: The View From Outer Space

This article was originally posted on We have all had the experience of being so deeply immersed in something that we could not see the wood for the trees. And there is nothing we are so deeply immersed in as our own lives. So it is worth a little thought experiment: imagine that…

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What Do The Taliban Offer The Women Of Afghanistan?

This article was originally posted here. The hashtag #womensrights has been trending on social media ever since the Taliban swept dramatically into the Afghan capital Kabul in what was an almost bloodless takeover. Aside from anything else, the transition of power was much smoother than that in Washington earlier this year, when the…

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Chatter #134 – Houston Wade On How GameStop Happened, Naked Shorts, and FTDs

Houston Wade is a Geologist, Astrophysics professor, a current Harvard grad student in History, and the proud owner of a driveway full of shitboxes all in various states of repair. I found Houston’s work first after reading at thread by him on Twitter about the GameStop saga and had to get him on…

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Chatter #105 – Ed Straw on How Systems Thinking Could Change The World

Ed Straw, a systems thinker who has worked for government and private industry, was my guest on today’s show. Ed is also the host of the Hidden Power podcast, where he discusses ways in which systems thinking can change the world. Our system of government, economy, and election are fundamentally broken and it…

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Chatter #96 – Dr Ulrike Vieten on How To Understand Intersectionality

Dr Ulrike Vieten of Queen’s University Belfast was my guest on today’s show. There has been quite a lot of discussion in certain circles over the past few years about the idea of intersectionality. There has been a lot of heavy critiques of the theory over the past few years and I was…

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