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Tag: inequality

Steve Topple – “I think we are more than capable of changing collectively, I think the problem is the system won’t let us”

One of the things that I hear quite often is that we’re in need of a revolution. Journalist Steve Topple doesn’t think we’re capable of sparking a revolution and, even if we succeeded, most of us are too soft and we couldn’t survive the madness that comes along with revolution. I often think…

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Chatter #206 – Steve Topple On Fighting The Establishment, Poverty, and Independent Journalism

Steve Topple is a journalist at the Canary who specialises in issues surrounding disability, health, housing, class, economics and government. ‘Mr Topple’ is also now making waves as an innovative music journalist, breaking the mould in terms of his approach to the industry. He regularly writes for one of the world’s leading music…

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Chatter #181 – Dahaba Layla Ali On Journalism, Inequality, Feminism, And Islam

Dahaba Layla Ali is a Political/Social Affairs Journalist BBC Panorama, she previously worked for BBC Newsnight and BBC Politics Dahaba and her mother fled the Somali civil war in the 1990s and settled in the Netherlands. They moved to the United Kingdom when Dahaba was 10-years-old via secondary immigration where she became a…

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Progress: The View From Outer Space

This article was originally posted on We have all had the experience of being so deeply immersed in something that we could not see the wood for the trees. And there is nothing we are so deeply immersed in as our own lives. So it is worth a little thought experiment: imagine that…

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Chatter #105 – Ed Straw on How Systems Thinking Could Change The World

Ed Straw, a systems thinker who has worked for government and private industry, was my guest on today’s show. Ed is also the host of the Hidden Power podcast, where he discusses ways in which systems thinking can change the world. Our system of government, economy, and election are fundamentally broken and it…

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