Steve Topple is a journalist at the Canary who specialises in issues surrounding disability, health, housing, class, economics and government. ‘Mr Topple’ is also now making waves as an innovative music journalist, breaking the mould in terms of his approach to the industry. He regularly writes for one of the world’s leading music sites, Reggaeville, and is also in partnership with the blossoming Pauzeradio in the UK – offering competitive and professional publicist services. His music reviews have a reputation for being technically in-depth and unique in music journalism.

He has frequently contributed to the Independent (having covered Prime Minister’s Questions on a weekly basis for them), New Internationalist, the CommonSpace, Morning Star, openDemocracy, Red Pepper, Occupy and INSURGEIntel. He can be seen/heard as a regular commentator on RTUK, Al Jazeera and talkRadio, and has appeared on the BBC comedy show The Mash Report.

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0:00 – Intro + ads
4:57 – Accidental journalists
13:40 – Why the Canary was founded7
20:39 – Climate change/concentration of power/wealth
27:37 – How do we deal with the concentration of power
37:14 – ADVERT
38:22 – Fight for justice
39:12 – Would revolution fail?
52:45 – Time poverty
1:02:30 – We’re not evolved for Twitter
1:07:12 – GameStop
1:23:15 – Free market economics/power corrupts