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Tag: market crash

Chatter #190 – John Coffey On Philanthrocapitalism, PFOF, Retail Investors, And The Approaching Crash

John Coffey worked at BNB Paribas for 30 years, retiring as head of trading at the age of 52. He led a team of Traders & Sales Professionals who managed the bank’s liquidity & capital resources, trading FX, Bonds & Derivatives and selling related products & hedging solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and…

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Chatter #157 – Professor Antony Mueller On Inflation, Fiat Money, And The Impending Market Crash

Antony Mueller, Professor of Economics, contributor to many economics publications including American Institute for Economic Research and the Mises Institute, and the author of the book series “The Great Financial Crisis of 2008”, was my guest on today’s show. In his second appearance on my show I wanted to get more of his…

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