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Tag: feminism

Chatter #181 – Dahaba Layla Ali On Journalism, Inequality, Feminism, And Islam

Dahaba Layla Ali is a Political/Social Affairs Journalist BBC Panorama, she previously worked for BBC Newsnight and BBC Politics Dahaba and her mother fled the Somali civil war in the 1990s and settled in the Netherlands. They moved to the United Kingdom when Dahaba was 10-years-old via secondary immigration where she became a…

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Chatter #96 – Dr Ulrike Vieten on How To Understand Intersectionality

Dr Ulrike Vieten of Queen’s University Belfast was my guest on today’s show. There has been quite a lot of discussion in certain circles over the past few years about the idea of intersectionality. There has been a lot of heavy critiques of the theory over the past few years and I was…

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