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Chatter #232 – Melissa Ciummei on Financial Reset, Digital ID and a Social Credit System

Melissa Ciummei first came across my radar after I saw her speak at an anti-vaccine passport protest in Belfast about the concept of digital ID and a financial reset. Once I delved further into her work, I saw that Melissa was discussing ideas of good and evil, CBDCs, crypto, and above all, she…

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Protest Nation: Has Britain Found It’s Voice?

After the tragic death of Sarah Everard, grieving women come out to show solidarity in a candlelit vigil. Just as BLM encapsulated the moment that was the death of George Floyd, this mourning captured the mood of many across the nation. The memorial/vigil turned ugly when the women were told to disperse and…

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Chatter #60 – Matthew Thompson on Podcasting and Best of Belfast

Matthew Thompson, the host of the podcast Best of Belfast, was our guest on today’s show. Best of Belfast see’s Matthew interview Northern Irish celebrities and people of note from within our wee country. It’s the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow podcaster from Northern Ireland so I…

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Chatter Episode 39 – Steven Agnew on Growing the Green Party and the Irish Border

Steven Agnew, the leader of the Green Party Northern Ireland was our guest on this show. He had plenty to say on the breakdown of government at Stormont, the Brexit negotiations, as well as the success and future of the Greens in Northern Ireland and the UK. We also got into some weedsy…

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