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Chatter #246 – Mark Steadman on Mentors, Podcasting and Building a Business

Mark Steadman was the founder of Podiant, an indie podcast host, and is now a prolific email composer and head of Origin.FM a new company offering podcast and audio consulting! I had a great chat with Mark about the podcast space, his work in mentoring (and taking a mentor) and how to build…

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Chatter #166 – Rockwell Felder On Squadcast FM And The Art Of Podcasting

Rockwell Felder is the Co-founder @SquadCastFM and the host of the Between2Mics Podcast. He and his team are on a mission to amplify collaboration, seeking to empower creatives to engage in meaningful conversations without barriers. HELP ME CROWDFUND MY GAMESTOP BOOK. Go to or join the crowdfunding campaign and pre-order my next…

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Chatter #118 – Ruairi Woods on Comedy, Northern Ireland, and Podcasting

Ruairi Woods, Northern Irish comedian and host of the Woods Talk podcast was my host on today’s show. We talked about his first experience in comedy, the worst type of comedy, what we should be laughing at that we aren’t and our plans to punch Steven Nolan for the PayPal donations and write…

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Are Podcasts Making You Smarter or Just Distracting You?

Is it bad to listen to podcasts all day?Infographic by Quill Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or [sign up for our mailing list to get information on my upcoming book, Brexit: The Establishment Civil War](

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Chatter #60 – Matthew Thompson on Podcasting and Best of Belfast

Matthew Thompson, the host of the podcast Best of Belfast, was our guest on today’s show. Best of Belfast see’s Matthew interview Northern Irish celebrities and people of note from within our wee country. It’s the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow podcaster from Northern Ireland so I…

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