Being a podcaster can be incredibly frustrating. You have so much great content, but no time to tell the world about it. Thankfully, automation and AI are here to help! In this article I will walk you through one of the most powerful pieces of software I have ever seen.

Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the digital sector right now, because everyone wants to build their brands across multiple channels, creating as many funnels as possible towards their content and products.

Bigger production companies can pay freelancers or internal employees to repurpose their content, but for the individual podcaster you need time or money – when you often have neither. Podcasts can become newsletters, articles, clips, social media posts, and much more. But there is a vast amount of time required to even produce the podcast itself, let alone repurpose it across so many dimensions and formats.

Ever since Chat GPT and Content Automation went mainstream last year, I’ve been wondering how I can utilise that technology to automate parts of my podcast production process. I tried getting Chat GPT to write Python script for me to automate my editing, but that didn’t work very well. I tried using GPT to assess the transcripts from my podcasts to create titles and draw out quotes and that was hit and miss. I have successfully used Zapier to use automation in some of the posting, but that hasn’t saved me that much time.

The Problem With AI Automation

The biggest problem was the size of the files – 1 hour podcasts make for a long transcript – and ChatGPT or any of the plugins I found for YouTube, just weren’t up to scratch. It’s just too much information for the LLM to dig through and find the right information. I tried using AutoGPT to build a program that would break it down into smaller segments and output summaries and quotes, however the results were very inconsistent. Automation is not as easy as it seems in some cases.

There are a few good plugins available for Google Chrome that can summarise shorter videos (I will write about that in a future article), but there was nothing that could handle longer transcripts effectively and pull out relevant information with full comprehension.

Cast-Magic: The Ultimate Podcasters Tool

That has all changed since I’ve been introduced to Cast-Magic. It’s a revolutionary tool that allows me to upload my podcast, and turn it into an email, blog post, social media posts, and much, much more. Here is an example of the automation possible with the click of one button:

  • 🔖 Titles – Generate up to 10 title variations. Each title should be 15 words maximum.
  • 💡 Speaker bios – Write a short bio for a speaker in summarised story format.
  • ℹī¸ Introduction – Summarize this text like you are writing the introduction to a podcast episode.
  • 📚 Timestamped overview – Create an overview for this episode.
  • ❇ī¸ Key topics and bullets – Write a comprehensive sequence of topics covered in this text, with sub-topic bullets below each primary topic.
  • 🎞ī¸ Clip finder: Quotes, hooks, and timestamps – Write a viral topic title and quote for a podcast episode.
  • đŸŽŦ Reel script- Pretend you’re an entrepreneur business influencer and you want to make a 30 second voiceover summarizing the audio session you just hosted. Write the script that I could use to make the video. Do not include cues or scene notes.
  • 👩‍đŸ’ģ LinkedIn post – Use the information provided to write a LinkedIn post, include bullets for 3 key takeaways for the reader.
  • 🗞ī¸ Newsletter – Write the content for an email newsletter.
  • đŸĒĄ Twitter – You are a thought leader in culture. Write 5 short posts about this content for Twitter. Use 400 characters max each post.
  • ❓ Questions – Write 10 discussion questions based on this episode.

You could also use it to search for YouTube Keywords, Title Suggestions, SEO driven descriptions, and more. If none of those take your fancy you can even program in custom prompts, allowing you to output almost anything you can think of from your content.

If you want to use automation build your podcast brand across numerous different channels like the professionals, but on an amateur budget, try Cast-Magic by clicking here!