Is the establishment collapsing? With Boris and Prince Andrew coming under major scrutiny after Partygate, I wanted to talk about whether the establishment might be on their last legs. The real question is will they suffer consequences! Back for round two is Klaudia Fior.

Klaudia is a 23 year-old journalist & PR/advertising MA graduate. She works for Bywire News, Britains only blockchain news network, aggregating the best independent news from across the UK. Klaudia writes about debate topics or topics that spark controversy. She was born in Poland and raised in South London.


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0:00 – Intro + ads

0:57 – Partygate

8:30 – Is Keir Starmer a Tory? 1

1:52 – Authoritarianism is the UK

18:30 – New parties/Labour defections

23:47 – Prince Andrew

32:01 – Chinese agent operating in parliament/Tory corruption

44:50 – The logical conclusion of Britain

51:25 – Freedumb/Colston 4

1:00:51 – The failure of the media/UK govt paying the media

1:13:56 – More parties and Tory hypocrisy