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Tag: censorship

Chatter #274 – Jenin Younes – Pandemic Censorship: Taking Silicon Valley & the US Govt To Court

Jenin Younes is a Litigation Council at the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) and former New York City Defender. Jenin is working on the lawsuit that has been filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt in partnership with the NCLA, two of the three authors of the anti-lockdown…

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Chatter #245 – Adam B. Coleman on Tribalism, Censorship and Critical Theory In Schools

Adam Coleman is an author and the founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Adam was born in Detroit but raised in a variety of states throughout America. In this discussion, we talked about free speech, the problems of tribalism and censorship, as well as the difficult issue of critical theory in schools. He writes…

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Chatter #227 – Klaudia Fior on Establishment Collapse: Boris, Prince Andrew and Partygate

Is the establishment collapsing? With Boris and Prince Andrew coming under major scrutiny after Partygate, I wanted to talk about whether the establishment might be on their last legs. The real question is will they suffer consequences! Back for round two is Klaudia Fior. Klaudia is a 23 year-old journalist & PR/advertising MA…

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Chatter #176 – Maram Susli On The Palestinian Genocide, Big Tech Censorship, And The Power Of Israel

Maram Susli (also known as Mimi al-Laham, PartisanGirl, Syrian Girl and Syrian Sister) is a Syrian Australian YouTuber and citizen journalist who prepares videos on the Syrian Civil War, United States foreign policy in the Middle East, and the Palestinian genocide. She’s a Sunni Muslim from Damascus, anti-neocon, anti-NWO, anti-Zionist. HELP ME CROWDFUND…

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The Ivermectin Story: Why Censorship Can Be Deadly

***This is not medical advice. Medical decisions should be made by the patient’s physician. I want to address the problems with censorship.***  There was a PHD of evolutionary biology, who in April of 2020, was calmly saying that the genome of covid-19 looked suspiciously like it had been modified or engineered in a…

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Chatter #148 – On Freedom Of Speech, Julian Assange, And Building New Social Media

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Taylor Hudak, MA, is an independent journalist focusing on free speech, press freedoms, whistleblowing and US foreign policy. Taylor’s work can be found on acTVism Munich YouTube channel, as well as The Last American Vagabond. We had a great conversation about freedom of speech and expression, the…

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