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Chatter #291 – Patrick Lovell on Wall Street & The Fed: It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Racketeering

Patrick Lovell started in Hollywood balancing working inside the machine while pursuing an Indy writing career. After a TV show he was working on collapsed in the wake of the 2008 financial crash, Patrick began to look deeper, eventually going on to produce The Con… In the gripping original five-part docu-series The Con,…

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Chatter #275 – Dr Susanne Trimbath – The Splividend: Could GameStop Escape From The DTC/DTCC?

Dr Susanne Trimbath returns to the podcast to discuss the madness that has surrounded the GameStop stock split/stock dividend/splividend. The fuckery at the DTCC/DTC and the apparent wrongful distribution of the shares made me wonder whether GameStop could escape from the DTC and remove their shares from the NASDAQ. So I decided to…

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Chatter #198 – Tim Weninger On Reddit, GameStop, And The Internet Hive Mind

Throughout the entire GameStop saga, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the idea of a hive mind. I’ve dedicated an entire chapter in my forthcoming book to this idea and I wanted to get Tim’s perspective. I first came across his work on hive minds when I saw his Ted Talk,…

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Chatter #156 – Lucy Komisar On The SEC, Regulatory Capture, And The Corruption Of Wall Street

Lucy Komisar’s beat is the secret underbelly of the global financial system — offshore bank and corporate secrecy — and its links to corporate crime; tax evasion by the corporations and the very rich; empowerment of dictators and oligarchs; bribery and corruption; drug and arms trafficking; and terrorism. Her dozens of articles on…

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Chatter #147 – Jackson Hunter On The AMC Short Squeeze, GameStop, And The Power Of The Reddit Community

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Jackson Hunter is a musician, YouTuber, and AMC and GME enthusiast. He came to investing towards the end of last year, beginning by trading options, and eventually (like most of us in this saga) was drawn to AMC and GME when he realised the true scale of…

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Tendies For All: What The Media Are Missing About The GameStop Saga

It’s More Than Just Memes And Bad Jokes “If Wall Street is occupying President Obama’s State Department and the halls of Congress, it’s time for the people to occupy Wall Street.” – Phil Aroneanu, The GameStop saga, I believe, will come to be not only a wonderful Netflix original film (as long…

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