Zachary Elwood believes that polarisation and anger in politics is one of the most damaging things for the future of democracy. In this captivating discussion, we explore the role of social media in amplifying divisions, how Donald Trump’s candidacy impacted the political landscape, and the media’s significant influence on polarization dynamics.

Polarisation has been on the rise over the past few years and I was curious to explore how and why it was happening. Politics has become so divided and angry that our political conversation has become broken. I asked Zach about how social media has influenced this, the Brexit debate, seeing the worst in the “other” side, and the consequences of Democrats and Republicans questioning and refusing to accept the results of elections. 

#politics #polarisation #election2024 #trump #biden #brexit #division


00:00 – The Impact of Social Media on Polarization 

07:00 – The Impact of Donald Trump on Polarization 

13:43 – Media’s Role in Polarization

20:19 – Promoting Nuance and Personal Responsibility 

27:20 – Pessimistic Views and Stereotyping 

34:18 – Challenging Misconceptions about Ethnic Minorities 

40:59 – Challenging the Legitimacy of Elections 

47:48 – Addressing Us Versus Them Animosity

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