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Chatter #187 – Ben Mezrich on GameStop, Reddit, and The Antisocial Network

Ben Mezrich is the author of Bringing Down The House, The Accidental Billionaires, and the brand new book The Antisocial Network. Anyone who follows this podcast will know that I have been writing my own book on the GameStop Saga, so before I spoke to Ben and read his book I was a…

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Chatter #182 – Jamie Curran (AKA Tradespotting) On GameStop, The Apes, And Financial Revolution

Jamie is the host of the YouTube channel Tradespotting and has been my most requested guest of all time I believe! He describes himself as a pro trader preaching kindness and teaching self-empowerment. His technical understanding of markets tops anyone I’ve had the opportunity to speak to on this topic and the conversation…

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