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DRS And The Infinity Pool – A Meme Come True

Have you ever had a meme come true? The Simpsons became famous for predicting the future with things like Facetime, the budget crunch inherited from President Trump, the God particle, and the NSA snooping on Americans.  As the internet has grown and evolved, sites like the Onion and the Babylon Bee have become…

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Chatter #158 – Dr Susanne Trimbath on GameStop, Failure To Delivers, and Naked Short Selling

Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is the CEO of STP Advisory Services. Dr Trimbath holds a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University and received her MBA from Golden Gate University. Prior to forming STP Advisory Services, Dr. Trimbath was Senior Research Economist in Capital Studies at Milken Institute (Santa Monica, CA) and Senior Advisor…

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