Chatter #353 – Ruben Hanssen – Traditional Design: Can We Still Build Beautiful Cities?

Ruben Hanssen of The Aesthetic City joins me to talk about neoclassical architecture and the objectivity of beauty. Ruben sheds light on how cities can reconnect with their cultural roots amidst the waves of modernism. It’s an episode that delves deep into architecture’s role in shaping not just our skylines but our lives, emotions, and communities.

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05:19 Initiating Dutch summer school, exposing architecture flaws.
07:40 Urban planning and architecture lack healthy, vibrant design.
10:05 European cities offer blend of old, new.
15:30 Netherlands housing plan shifts from futuristic to traditional.
17:41 New town with intimate feeling, unique architecture.
21:58 Charter of Athens shaped city building practices.
25:34 Market influence on architecture development and government.
28:12 Cities are grids for efficient travel. American urbanization.
33:26 Generations shaped by war, modernism, and social media.
37:18 Crayola: A diverse and accessible urban development.
39:30 Newer plan phases getting more affordable, cramped.
42:08 Soviet regime led to city center’s reconstruction.
46:09 People value tradition over modern progressive design.
48:48 Send work to decision-makers for change. United voices.
52:07 I promise, it really helps. You’ll get it.



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