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Tag: technology

Chatter #330 – Peter McCormack on Bedford FC, Bitcoin, and the Death of Crypto

Peter McCormack is a British podcaster, filmmaker, and football club chairman. He is best known for hosting the What Bitcoin Did podcast, which has over 1.3 million monthly downloads. McCormack is also a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and has written extensively about the cryptocurrency. In 2021, McCormack purchased Real Bedford Football Club, a…

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“It is still vital that media organisations maintain a gold standard of training” – Dr Yvonne Ridley

As part of a new series on how technology is changing journalism, we’re asking journalists young and old how they think the industry is evolving. Journalist Yvonne Ridley worked in her native North East in the 1970s before heading to Fleet Street and on to broadcast journalism working in conflict and humanitarian disaster…

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Chatter #78 – Hezues R on Mental Health, Suicide, and Choosing Art Over Algorithms

Hezues R, the creative and film-maker was my guest on today’s show. Amongst other things Hezues created the official fragrance for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and ran a handful of advertising campaigns for Sean P. Diddy Combs’. In this conversation we explored some of the ideas that he…

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Three Ways Technology Is Disrupting Traditional Industries

As technology continues to change how every industry performs work, there will be several periods of disruption that will cause never before seen changes and have drastic effects on the overall workforce. Identifying these disruptions before they occur can help any person or company adapt to future changes and come out on top….

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3 Ways AI Is Changing Houston’s Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of the decade. From grocery shopping assistance to personal therapy apps, AI has sunk its teeth into every single industry. Houston is no exception to the AI boom. Enterprise-level companies and startups are already flocking to H-town to make their mark in AI and machine learning. Since…

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Chatter Episode 15 – Callum Curry On Sussd and Life As An Entrepreneur In Northern Ireland

Callum Curry was the guest on today’s show ahead of the launch of his new polling company, Sussd. Sussd is a locally driven community polling platform that will allow people to give opinions on how local issues are being dealt with and give them the chance to impact real change in their community….

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