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The Joke Market: DogeCoin, GameStop, And Investing Gone Viral

We’ve all been a little bored at times through the eb and flow of lockdowns, curfews, and quarantines that have dominated the past year of our lives. Over the past five or ten years, the madness of the world has seemed to accelerate faster and faster. The modern world was becoming so vastly…

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Three Ways Technology Is Disrupting Traditional Industries

As technology continues to change how every industry performs work, there will be several periods of disruption that will cause never before seen changes and have drastic effects on the overall workforce. Identifying these disruptions before they occur can help any person or company adapt to future changes and come out on top….

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Chatter #74 – Anthony Dapiran on Hong Kong’s Protest Movement and Their History

Anthony Dapiran, author of the books City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong and City on Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong was my guest on today’s show. We covered the Hong Kong protest movements that have unfolded over the past two decades, their ongoing struggle with authoritarian China…

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How To Thrive Not Survive Post-Pandemic

“There is little doubt that another crisis will see us in the streets and squares once again, taking us all by surprise… These moments when the impossible seems suddenly possible are excruciatingly rare and precious. That means more must be made of them. The next time one arises, it must be harnessed not…

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Chatter #70 – Jonas Salzgeber on Stoicism and Bio-Hacking

Jonas Salzgeber, author and bio-hacker, was our guest on today’s show. I first came across Jonas having read his book, The Little Book of Stoicism, which he co-wrote with his brother. It really helped me find a really positive way of looking at the lockdown and using the time as best I could….

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