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Tag: bitcoin lightning network

Chatter #220 – Max Hillebrand On Privacy, Freedom, and Cypherpunk Philosophy

Max Hillebrand is free software engineer an economist who started reading Keynes when he was 9 and got into Bitcoin at the age of 16. He says “Bitcoin is for everyone”, even his grandmother runs a Lightning node. Max came across my radar as a Bitcoin enthusiast, but he really peaked my interest…

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The Lightning Network: The Solution To Bitcoins Increasing Transaction Fees?

The Scalability Issue Bitcoin has faced a number of challenges over the years but perhaps the biggest challenge has been scalability. This is because of the block size limit of Bitcoin blocks. The blocks, formed every 10 minutes, are like a page in a ledger that records all the transactions during that period…

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Chatter #160 – Brad Mills on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, El Salvador and Ross Ulbricht

Brad Mills is a life long entrepreneur, with a focus on product development & marketing. Involved with bitcoin since 2011 as a miner, entrepreneur & investor, Brad is a Value Maximalist at his core. He’s also the host of the wonderful Magic Internet Money Podcast. If you haven’t already and you enjoyed this…

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