Brandon Kochkodin is my guest on this show to cover GameStop and Brandon’s claim that naked shorts don’t exist in the market. Brandon, a seasoned writer for Forbes, takes us on a journey through the GameStop Saga and its connection to the Wall Street Bets community.

Moving beyond the headlines, the conversation delves into the contentious topic of short interest and naked short selling. Brandon challenges prevailing notions, revealing the complexities of tracking naked short selling and suggesting that it may not be as widespread as some believe. We explore the challenges of detecting this elusive practice, drawing parallels to observing a black hole in space. Brandon underscores the ongoing debate and skepticism surrounding the prevalence of naked short selling in the financial markets.

The podcast also delves into cases of market manipulation and hedge funds settling under a cloud of secrecy. With a critical eye on the lack of concrete evidence, the discussion raises intriguing questions about the motives behind these settlements and their implications for market integrity. Join us as we dissect the GameStop Saga, regulatory response, and the fines imposed on financial firms, offering fresh insights into the intricate world of finance.

00:00 – GameStop Saga and Wall Street Bets
04:59 – Short Interest and Naked Short Selling
09:28 – Detecting Naked Short Selling
13:50 – Settling Cases and Lack of Evidence
18:07 – Market Manipulation and GameStop
22:53 – Naked Short Selling and Regulatory Response
27:19 – Fines for Financial Firms and SEC Enforcement
34:46 – Naked Short Selling and 2008 Financial Crisis


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